Your partner for real estate in turkey


Note: As a construction company we own most of the objects offered on the website. In addition, we also broker partner real estate. These are marked with XX.
Of course, we also build on your own property by agreement, or search with you a suitable plot of land for your desired property.


The company PATRONS International Group Ltd. (PS) welcomes you as a partner for real estate in Turkey.
On our homepage you will find the latest, up to date information - everything you need to know - about the real estate acquisition in Turkey. Whether it is a house, apartment or a holiday apartment in Turkey should be our expert team advises you in your own language.
You are looking for high-quality but also cheap real estate in Turkey, but you also want to play it safe? Through our many years of experience, we know what is important when buying property in Turkey.
As a customer, you enjoy an all-round service. We are proud to distinguish ourselves from other companies in Turkey because we are not a brokerage office.
At PATRONS International Group Ltd. is not only the sale in the foreground, but is especially the advice before buying and the care after the purchase is a matter of course. It is important to us that you feel comfortable in your property. We do not make empty promises! All of our own built properties are checked very carefully by our construction professionals. We attach great importance to respectability and quality. Let us advise you without obligation, before buying a property in Turkey. Contact us, we look Forward.


Our team:
Trust professionals and enjoy our excellent service.
- Own built, high quality and tested objects.
- Professional knowledge and many years of experience in the construction of high-quality real estate.
- Internationally trained professional experienced personnel for consultation and realization
- Nimet Kajya, contractor and architect for over 20 years. The company is based in Istanbul, Turkey. He is a very experienced, conscientious and competent entrepreneur. His objects built to date are of first-class quality. The top priority for him is reliability and customer satisfaction.
- Savas Demir, trustworthy, professional and serious Turkish entrepreneur advises you competently and in detail in all matters of investment of real estate.

- Detlef Voigt, multiple Dipl.-Ing., Longtime entrepreneur with excellent professional experience in the areas of sales, planning and realization of objects completes the competent team.



Savas Demir - Owner sale + Dipl.-Ing. Detlef Voigt