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PATRONS Uluslararası Grup Ltd. Şu anda 3 çok ilginç bina sunuyor. Gerçekleşmeler 2018'de kısmen 2019'da gerçekleşiyor. Daha fazla nesne kısa bir süre içinde eklenecek ve ayrıntılı bir şekilde yayınlanacaktır. Bu konuda size iyi bir zamanda bilgi vereceğiz.
Bizim tarafımızdan inşa edilen burada sunulan özelliklere ek olarak, tarafımızdan önerilen diğer özellikler hakkında size bilgi verebiliriz. Eğer ilgileniyorsanız, size tüm belgeleri göndeririz.




super-high-yield object


14 exclusive apartments. The sizes of the apartments are 120 square meters. Equipped with complete kitchen.
Only high quality materials such as marble and parquet were used. In the attic is a large roof terrace. Equipped with two large summer barbecue facilities.
The advantage of this property is the proximity to the city and a primary school is about 50m away. Further advantages are the on-site private car parking spaces. All apartments are brand new.
Completion of the property September / October 2018.


from 210.000, - TL from 120 sqm living space


Alle Wohnungen verkauft!!

XX - P47/1029/200


Villas in top location

Exclusive villa complex  

Our real estate partner EST İnşaat AŞ, with its new project Bağyeri Evleri in Çandarlı, İzmir, has set itself the goal of creating a practical living space in summer. Here you can relax in peace with your family and friends.
To make life easier, we have designed a total of 11,500 square meters for the Bağyeri Houses. Of these are 81mmqm green areas. We have designed 44 villas in 3 different ways. Thus, we offer a wide range of possibilities for those who want to buy a house from the Bağyeri Houses project. In addition, our project is also very beneficial for investors.
.We are waiting for you to see our project, which will be completed in the first half of 2019.

Prices from 700.000TL, living space 159 / 173sqm




Our future objects! Absolute top locations with potential

In Izmir, we will build several villas over the next two years.


About this we will inform you, our interested parties, at an early stage. We show you with our pictures just a few examples of how these villas can look like. For any deviations we do not guarantee today.
Bye for now !!