IZMIR-Superrendiete object  -  4/1029/102

Ultra-luxury apartments with 120 sqm

Display No. - 4/1029/102  

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° Real Estate Art            - Condominiums
° square meters             - 120
° Number of rooms        - 2 + 1
° year of construction     - 0
° Floor                            - 1
° Number of Floors         - 3
° Heating type                - Combi
° number of bathrooms  - 2
° Balcony                        - available
° Furniture                      - no
° Usage Status               - empty
° In the residential park  - no
° Additional charges       - not specified

8 appartments sold

Super Townhouse.
14 exclusive apartments. The sizes of the apartments are from 120 square meters. Equipped with complete kitchen.
Only high quality materials such as marble and parquet were used. In the attic is a large roof terrace. Equipped with two large summer barbecue facilities.
The advantage of this property is the proximity to the city and a primary school is about 50m away. Further advantages are the on-site private car parking spaces. All apartments are brand new.
Completion of the object August / September 2018.
* Apartment sizes from 120 sqm

* Apartments 2+1  

* Apartment Prices 210.000 TL
* Property size proportionately depending on the size of the Apartment 

   A complete floor with 4 apartments 2 + 1, sizes 120sqm

Apartment without balcony 120sqm, 2 + 1       Apartment with balcony 120sqm, 2 + 1



* Walk to faculty, campus, hospital, bazaar and shopping center

* LED lighting, luxury dizayn and architecture

* Portmandol, bedroom with bath, closed kitchen

* Close to large department stores andPerson transportation stations such as bus and train

* With natural gas, video door phone, 1. Major MATERIALS and processing.

* For your own use or investment - Spacious Large

* Opportunity apartments at an affordable Price


Note: Our prices range between 230.000 and 249.000TL. All apartments are 120 square meters and spacious with bedroom and bathroom. Closed kitchens; LED lighting, spot lighting, PORTMANDO etc. with many functions. The house has a shelter and cellar for each apartment. The house has all around and in the roof area newest sound and heat protection systems. In the roof there is a kitchen and 2 barbeque grill, these are available for the residents. Your choice of materials and workmanship has been designed with your comfort in mind so you can live safely and peacefully in the affordable Ultra Luxury Apartments. The building and the apartments are ready and ready for occupancy.


Entrance left front - sold

Entrance front Right - sold

1st floor left front sold

1st floor left rear - sold

1st floor right front (sold)

1st floor right rear - sold

2nd floor left front sold

2nd floor left rear     sold  

2nd floor right front  sold

2nd floor right rear     (sold)

3rd floor left front         (sold)

3rd floor left rear         sold

3rd floor right front      sold

3rd floor right rear       (sold)

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