purchase contract

During the purchase:
 - Collection of the tax code and opening of a bank account.
 -Competent advice on a possible financing of your property.
 Purchase contract in your own language and notarial settlement.
-Assembly of all formalities for the land register entry (TAPU).


Real estate acquisition in Turkey
 Invest in your future ! Certainly the goal of your dreams
In general, when dealing with a reliable and secure purchase, it is important to contact officially licensed professional real estate companies.
Trust our professionalism!

So should a serious checkout look like:

Conclusion of a written purchase contract
    -Notary power of attorney to the company for the official settlements
    -Payment for the acquired property
    -Application of the owner overriding the land register / TAPU Office (as needed)


 For this are required:
    -2x passport photos
    - Current home address
    Father and mother name
    Control numbers (in original excerpt)
    For the official entry in the land register, a certified interpreter in your native language is required by law.
These individual points of purchase will be provided by PATRONS International Group Ltd. done for you.