Çandarlı - Villen-objekt

Ultra Bağyeri Houses - Çandarlı                                           Absolute prime location with potential


 Anzeigen Nr. -- XX - P4/1029/200                                        

  Immobilien Art                -- Häuser


° Quadratmeter                 --von 112 - 124


° Zimmeranzahl                 -- 2+1/3+1


° Gebaudejahr                   -- 0


° Stockwerk                       -- 2


° Anzahl der Etagen          -- 3


° Heizungsart                    -- Kombi


° Anzahl der Bäder           -- 2


                                                                                                                                  ° Balkon                            -- vorhanden


                                                                                                                                  ° Möbel                             -- nein


                                                                                                                                  ° Nutzungsstatus              -- leer


                                                                                                                                  ° Im Wohnpark                  -- nein


                                                                                                                                  ° Nebenkosten                  -- nicht angegeben





Ultra villa object.

Here are 44 exclusive villas. The sizes of the villas are 159 and 173 square meters. Equipped with complete kitchen. Only high quality materials such as marble and parquet were used.
Other advantages include the car park at the facility. All villas are first occupancy.
Completion of the entire property is 2019th The prices depend on the location of the villa and go from 700,000 to 850,000 TL.


Gesamte Wohnflächen 159qm


Salon                :42qm

Koridor             : 3qm

Badezimmer    : 3,5qm

Zimmer            : 9qm

Terasse           :13qm

1. Geschoß

Zimmer            :12qm

Zimmer            :12qm

Flur                   : 2,5qm

Balkon             :7,5qm

großes Bad     :4,5qm

Balkon             :2,7qm

Korridor           :7,6qm

2. Geschoß

Dachterasse   :35+5qm 


Gesamte Wohnflächen 176qm


Hauptschlafzimmer :41qm

Bad                         :4qm


Salon                     :32qm

Koridor                   : 2,5qm

Badezimmer          :  2qm

Terasse                 :12,6qm

2. Geschoß

Zimmer                 :11qm

Zimmer                 :9,5qm

korridor                   :9,5qm

Balkon                  :3,5qm

großes Bad          :4,5qm

3. Geschoß

Dachterasse        :44qm 

Yer Villaları

Top view villa plant


Lage Location of the property:

In the drawing plan of our continuing project in Candarli center is located 400 m to the beach. Next to the villas there is a fir tree forest. You are surrounded by nature. The villas are in a complex which is 7/24 monitored by a security and with cameras. The villas have kitchens with stovetop extractor hoods and microwaves. Living room and bedrooms are equipped with air conditioning. Satellite system and internet connection are also available. The villas are intended for summer and winter use, therefore the villas are equipped with underfloor heating. The complex is 11,500 square meters and has a 400 square meter modern swimming pool where 44 villas are located in a natural environment. In this fine and natural complex we expect our future respected Lieben Villas owner.


When choosing your materials and workmanship, you will be assured of comfort so that you can live safely and peacefully in the Ultra Luxury Villas. All villas will be ready in 2019. Of already 24 built villas are already 10 sold.


Our prices range between 700,000 and 850,000 TL. There are two categories of villas:
House 1, total area 159sqm
House 2, total area 176sqm  

Please contact us if you are interested. We will contact you shortly.

Please submit inquiries patronsdvsd@web.de