Checkout for the purchase of real estate in Turkey Invest in your future !

Certainly the goal of your dreams.

- In general, when dealing with a reliable and secure purchase, it is important to contact officially licensed professional real estate companies. - Trust us and our many years of experience! So should a serious checkout look like:

- Conclusion of a written purchase contract

- Notarization of power of attorney to the company

- Advance payment of the property to be acquired

- Application for overrunning of the land register / Tapuamt (as required)


For this are required:

     - 2x passport pictures
     - ID card copies
     - Current home address
     - Father and mother name
     - Tax numbers (in original excerpt or certified copy)
For the official entry in the land register, a certified interpreter in your native language is required by law.
These individual points of purchase are provided by PARONS International Group Ltd. done for you.
General while buying a property in Turkey.
Foreigners can buy a property in Turkey since 2004. According to land registry and cadastral directorate statistics, real estate sales to foreigners are increasing exponentially each year. The Turkish government has changed the rule of buying real estate in Turkey for foreigners in 2013; "Any nationality can buy real estate." The only restriction for foreigners is that the property should not be near military zones. The Turkish government gave another important right to homebuyers; "Every real estate owner (and his family too) can get the residence permit in Turkey." This residence permit can be renewed every year.


Based on the positive indicators in recent years, we can say that the real estate market in Turkey has great development potential.
The differences of buying a property between foreign buyers and Turkish buyers
1. Choose an established construction company.
Since everyone can build in Turkey and anyone can and should sell real estate, you should only turn to established companies with many years of experience. PATRONS International Group Ltd. is such a company.
2. Military permission to buy a property in Turkey
If a foreigner wants to obtain a land register excerpt (Tapu in Turkish), each property must be approved by the military in the land register excerpt. Once a military permit has been given for an apartment in the same building, you do not need it the second time. Once received approval can be reused for future sales. The military approval takes about 6 weeks because of the card preparation and the posting time between the official directorates. If you want to get 'Tapu' faster, you should inquire whether a foreigner has previously purchased an apartment from the building. If so, you do not have to wait 6 weeks for approval. You can also get your Tapu in 3 days. Military consent is only given to the property; it has nothing to do with the buyer.

3. Turkish buyers buy faster than foreigners
If a Turkish person decides to buy a property, the payment and the land registry will be made in 2-3 days. It works a little differently with foreigners. Because foreigners come here with limited money (you usually do not bring more than 10,000 euros cash), then you can not pay immediately if you like an apartment and want to buy it. A foreigner can buy a house in 7 working days, if the money is already prepared in his country. Sightseeing tour and sales contract take 2 days to get a tax number and passport translation takes 1 day, opening a bank account and transfer of money, to Turkey takes 3 days. You should remember that you go to the Land Registry after signing the purchase contract to apply for the Tapu process. This procedure then takes 3 days. Also, while you wait for your money by bank transfer, the Tapu process would be ready. To go faster, you need a property from a building where foreign buyers have bought before. Otherwise you have to wait about 6 weeks for the military approval.

4. Foreigners need further service after the sale
It is a very simple process to sell a property to the Turkish citizens. Money on the one hand, Tapu on the other. After the sale you just say goodbye. Foreigners, on the other hand, need customer service even after the sale. Foreigners are abroad, do not know; how it works, where to find it, pricing policy, residence permit, subscriptions, etc. 

Process of real estate purchase in Turkey
If you decide to buy a property in Turkey, the company is PATRONS International Group Ltd. the right thing for you. First, we advise you to contact us before you even come to Turkey. We will then prepare the best real estate for you according to your criteria (lowest price at the best quality). Afterwards we will take you on a sightseeing tour. You only need to bring your passport and $ 3,000 (or Euro) for the down payment. Passport and cash are the only things you need to buy a property in Turkey. If you decide to buy a property during the sightseeing tour and would like to buy it, we will prepare a sales contract. Purchase contract contains all promised terms of sale between the seller and buyer such as; Apartment Detais, Payment Plan, Tapu and Key Delivery Terms, Compensation, Force Majors, etc. Then we will have your passport translated to a notary. We receive a tax number on the same day. You can also give a power of attorney to a lawyer or agency to have the case proceed on your behalf. If you need to transfer your money to Turkey then we will help you to open a bank account. We prepare your documents, the documents from the seller for the land register and cadastre. We run the Tapu process with our specialized staff who work for us only for this process. While your money comes over the bank to Turkey, the Tapu application is already made. If military approval has been given there before, we can get your Tapu (land register excerpt) in 2-3 working days after the application. However, if there had not been a military permit before, note that it can take about 6 weeks.


The Tapu writer asks the seller during the last signing in the Tapu office; "Did you get all your money?" Because it is an official statement, the seller is asked if he has got all the money (with a payment plan then the agreements are on the purchase contract). Then the seller has to say; "Yes, I got all the money!" Bank loans, tapu and key delivery will be tracked by

PATRONS International Group Ltd. if all promises are kept by both sides.