power of attorney+tapu land registry

Details for a power of attorney
We advise our clients to give us a power of attorney in order to facilitate the process of military examination, release of title deeds at the Land Registry and registration of the deed at the notary. The "power of attorney" process takes about two hours and must be completed at the notary in Turkey. Our consultants support you.

 Advantages of a power of attorney
-For the transfer of ownership, or the Tapu you have to speak Turkish. Otherwise, you must have a sworn translator with you. A sworn translator costs about 100, - € for two hours.
-The estate agent makes Tapu service for free. To take advantage of this opportunity, you must enable him with a power of attorney. Without this document, he can not act on your behalf at official offices.


 Remember these facts when you give a power of attorney
-Give the "power of attorney" to professional brokers or lawyers. If they do not know what they are doing, it is not recommended to hand over this valuable document.
-Give only the required authority. For example, if you purchase a property, you only grant a "buyer's power of attorney". If necessary also give a "water and electricity connection power of attorney".
- It is NOT advisable to give a general power of attorney. This could lead to debt or your property being sold. The proxy could be used in the wrong hands against you.

  - To grant a "power of attorney" means: "You will be empowered in my name for certain matters". Your name and photo will be on the title deed (Tapu).

-There is a sworn translator at the notary. These interpreters have officially assured the notary to translate only the truth. You can not bring your own translator. 

Securing a property in Turkey with TAPU
Tapu is the land registry excerpt in Turkey for your property
Here is a translation of TAPU into German:
The "TAPU" is an official document that identifies you as the owner of a property with all rights of one. The name of the owner, a passport photo (not compulsory) and the exact information about the property are noted on it. This document is obtained from the Settlement and Cadastre Office where the same information is entered in the land register and archived on site. The land register extract should be officially stamped at the bottom center. The photo of the owner must be placed on top right and sealed, but this is not absolutely necessary. All formalities are monitored and completed by PATRONS employees.


The translation of the terms in the Tapu:
Ana Gayrimenkulun = description, location and coordinate values of the property
Ili = the province of the property

Ilçesi = district of the property

Mahallesi = district


Köyü = village
Sokagi = road
Mevkii = location
Pafta No = card sheet number
Ada No = Cadastral No. (all parcels within one block)
Parsel No = parcel number
Niteligi = property of the property, eg. B. 18 floors high-rise building, office building, Yüzölçümü = size of the property: hectares + m2 + dm
KAT MÜLKIYETI = Ownership of a property that is already habitable. (Condominium, house, office on a plot)
KAT IRTIFAKI = Ownership of a property that is not habitable due to ongoing construction activities, lack of permits, etc.
DEVRE MÜLK = time-limited equity ownership (for a limited period of the year, time share)

Bagimsiz Bölüm = information about the independent unit (the property to the use, such as an apartment, house, etc.) on the mainland
Satis Bedeli = sale price
Arsa Payi = Property Share Blok No = Block No Kat No = Floor No.

 Bagimsiz Blm No = Independent section No.

 Edinme Sebebi = The reason why the property was bought, old owner and new owner of the property and other all relevant details

Sahibi = The owner of the property. A property can have several owners. In this case, they are listed here and the exact proportions are outlined.